Central Pest Control

Termite Pretreatment for New Construction

Now there is a ôgreenö solution to protecting your structures from termites. Instead of poisoning the soil under a home, We eliminate the wood as a food source while saving you builders one full day of cycle time. Cost-effective and easy to incorporate into your logistics, our above ground pretreatment will protect your entire structure from subterranean termites for the life of the wood. During the dried-in phase of construction, or pest control technicians will apply Bora-Care directly to the wood, concrete and foundation penetrations in one fast, easy, spray application - and youÆre done. Termites canÆt consume the wood and they canÆt tube over it. Simply put, Bora-Care eliminates more than termites, it eliminates problems. ItÆs a fact that this termite pretreatment method saves builders time and money with their highly efficient process that eliminates problems caused by pumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the soil. Central Pest Control's Bora-Care Solution At A Glance: ò Saves builders one cycle day during construction ò Fastest growing termite pretreatment in the U.S. ò Eliminates weather delays ò Eliminates need for additional treatment at final grade ò Penetrates wood and remains for the life of the wood ò Formulated with a concern for the environment ò Not pumped into soil ò Offers 12-year damage repair warranty for your pest control company ò 2006 Green Builder Award winner ò Earn Points for LEED and other green building programs Call us today for more information on how we can help.